Terms and Conditions

The vehicle is delivered with sealed odometer, normal tools, a spare wheel, radio, registration certificate and is equipped with a satellite position detection system. The cars are rented with a full tank of fuel, the subsequent refueling will be at the expense of the customer. Upon return, any missing liters will be charged as well as a supplement for non-refueling.

The rental begins on the day and time of delivery of the vehicle to the Customer and ends on the day and time of the return of the vehicle to the renter.

The Customer who has booked the car rental services in case of delay with respect to the time indicated in the booking must contact FAST AND FURIOS by telephone, confirming his late arrival and will be waited for a maximum of 60 minutes late, after this wait he could do not find the car or wait several minutes for the car to be collected. If the Customer wishes to change the terms of the return (place, date, time, etc.) he must obtain the prior written consent of the renter by making a formal request within 24 hours before the date and time of the expected return of the vehicle. At the end of the rental there is a tolerance of 60 minutes beyond which an extra day is charged in order to be able to compensate for the failure to return the vehicle as per the contract, the unwillingness to rent the vehicle not returned.

The vehicle is in perfect working order and maintenance, fully functional in all its parts, with a full fuel tank and with all the documents required by law for road traffic and with valid insurance policies and copies. of this signed contract and the user is required to keep and keep the vehicle and the above documentation entrusted to him with all diligence and correctness. The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle in the same condition in which he received it.

The vehicle cannot be driven:

  • under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other legitimate or illegitimate substance that impair the driver’s ability or ability to react
  • by a person without a driving license or with expired validity
  • off-road or on unsuitable roads
  • for the illegal transport of goods (smuggling, drugs, etc.)
  • for commercial purposes for a fee
  • to participate in sports competitions, races or other events
  • to go abroad without prior written authorization from the renter

The circulation of the rented vehicle is authorized in Italy for the purposes of driver safety and proper vehicle maintenance. The Customer is personally responsible for the infringements committed to the rules of the Highway Code and the non-payment of motorway tolls and will be required to reimburse, for the entire amount, the relative penalties and expenses plus the charge for the administrative management of the practices.

Payment of the rental fee will be made as follows: 30% upon booking, 70% upon delivery of the vehicle. Form of payment: cash, bank transfer, credit card, debit card.

The ownership of the vehicle and any accessories remains always and in any case with the renter and the user acknowledges that he will never be able to claim any ownership rights in any way. It is forbidden for the user to sub-rent, mortgage, pledge the vehicle or guarantee it in any form. The user undertakes to keep a copy of this contract inside the vehicle and to show it to the Competent Authorities. If due to non-compliance with this obligation the vehicle should be detained or seized, the user will have to reimburse the renter for the amount of the damage suffered in addition to the consideration for each day of rental, without prejudice to compensation for greater damage.

In case of breakdown, malfunction or defect, it is made use of for the user not to use the vehicle, in order to avoid possible aggravation or damage to third parties, the user is required to immediately notify the renter of the fact. In the event that an urgent need arises, the user will be able to provide it only and exclusively with the prior written authorization of the renter. The Customer undertakes not to make any changes to the rented vehicle

Vehicles are covered by the following insurance guarantee: Civil Liability for Cars in accordance with the law of 24 December 1969, n. 990 and subsequent amendments and additions, as well as the Implementing Regulation of the aforementioned law and subsequent amendments; guaranteeing, within the agreed limits, the sums that, for capital, interest and expenses, are due as compensation for damages involuntarily caused to third parties by the circulation of the leased vehicles. The copy of the insurance policies will be made to view to the user so that he is aware of the ceilings covered, the deductibles and the uncovered items that remain the sole responsibility of the user

The personal data communicated to the user will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy law art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, will not be transferred to third parties and their correction, updating or cancellation may be requested by sending written communication to the user’s home. The data communicated to the user will be used for the conclusion or execution of rental contracts and any related contracts, for the management of payment (s) and for accounting / administrative purposes and in any case functional to the establishment and performance of this contractual relationship. These data may also be used to forward any communications subsequent to the termination of the contract or for judicial or extrajudicial purposes.